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Everyday in the kitchen we are baking fresh cookies, pies, breads, quiche and pastries....we are checking the harvest in the garden and deciding on the soups and salads.

Everything is available for you to take home, and most items can also be enjoyed on our front porch.

In the mornings, stop by for quiche, frittata, pastries (muffins, scones, cinnamon buns, etc) or maybe a piece of pie, with coffee or tea.

Between 11am and 3pm we offer a simple farm-kitchen lunch, featuring a hot soup, several quiche and frittata varieties, one or two chicken salads, and several vegetable, green and grain salads. And, of course, a wide selection of desserts. Beverages include homemade lemonade, fresh brewed iced tea (or a 'half-and-half' lemon-tea combo), hot coffee and hot tea. If you happen to stop by Lost Acres Vineyard on your way up the hill, we have wine glasses available, too.



SOUP of the day, a cup or a bowl, served with fresh bread

QUICHE or FRITTATA - warmed in the oven, served with fruit

CHICKEN SALAD - on a bed of lightly dressed greens

GREEN/GRAIN/VEGGIE SALADS - enjoy on their own, in any combination, or add to your soup or quiche

DESSERTS - Pies, Bars, Cookies, Shortcakes and Crisps in season, all available with ice-cream from the GranVal Scoop.

We also have Grilled Cheese or fruit & veggie plates for the kids.