Ginny's Quilts

Many years ago, Ginny and her friend Lucille started quilting. Being the more patient of the two, Lucille has continued to quilt feverishly throughout the years, completing many full size quilts, repairing dozens of older pieces, and creating a variety of quilted gift items. Ginny, on the other hand, has made a habit of collecting old quilts and textiles. Eighteen years ago they had their first "Quilt Happening" - an event designed to showcase the quilt collection, teach others about quilting, and, frankly, sell a few items so they could buy some more!

Most of Ginny's collection come from the Amish and Menonite people in Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Missouri. She travels to Pennsylvania every 6 or 8 weeks to find more pieces. Often she will find old, unfinished quilts and have them completed by her quilters out in Missouri.

The quilt happenings feature Ginny's quilt collection, several of Lucille's pieces, our friend Evelyn's quilted gift items, and daughter Mary's quilted pillows. There is also a beautiful selection of repoduction fabrics for sale - by the yard, or in 'fat quarters'. As an authorized dealer of Moda fabrics - we always have plenty of their fabric patterns to choose from. Quilts are available in all sizes - from crib quilts and wall-hangings to full size quilts. Some are finished works, others are works in progress - tops, pieces and squares that haven't been completed.

Each Quilt Happening features two free lectures on quilting, quilt history or techniques. Feel free to ask as many questions as you'd like while you're here - those experienced quilters just LOVE to talk about quilting!!

Quilt Happenings

We hold three Quilt Happenings each year:

Fall Happening (November - almost 2 weeks before Thanksgiving))
The Fall Happining is held in the farm house and features many great Christmas gift items. There are also plenty of fresh pies and breads from our farmstore for Thanksgiving!

Winter Happening (early March)
Our Spring Happening is also held in the farmhouse, and seems to be popular for Bridal Shower and Baby Shower gifts - from double wedding ring full size quilts to adorable crib quilts for new babies.

Summer Happening (usually last Saturday in July or beginning of August)
Our Summer Happening is held in the grass and under the apple trees by our porch - or in the open barns if the weather doesn't cooperate. We always have a wonderful buffet lunch with fresh fruits from the orchard and veggies from the garden.

Please feel free to email with any questions you have regarding the quilt happenings or her collection. While we try to show a few small items in the farmstore throughout the year, it's impossible to bring out the whole collection.

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