Welcome to
Our Farm Kitchen!

Ginny has always been a superb pie baker, producing thousands of homemade pies since taking over the orchard in the mid 70's with her husband Tom. Their daughter Susan opened a coffeehouse in Granby Center in 1993, but after 5 years she decided to slow things down a bit and head for the hills. The family built the new farmstore in November of 1998, complete with a commercial kitchen and an inviting front porch.

The modest but busy kitchen produces items for the jelly cupboard (jams, jellies, pickles, apple butter), things to take home (pies, quiche, cinnamon buns, chicken pot pies, breads, cookies, etc) and everything needed for lunch on the porch (from breads for the sandwiches to dressings for the salads). During Thanksgiving and Christmas it's all about the pies and the holiday cookies.

In 2012, due to growing demand, the building was expanded, including the porch, which now wraps around the and towards the orchard. Lunch is served on the porch from May through October, featuring soups, salads, panini, quiche, decadent desserts and more. Whenever possible, it is a true farm to table experience - with fresh herbs and veggies from the garden and fruits from the orchard making their way on to lunch plates within hours - or sometimes minutes - of harvest.

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